1. BAT (best available techniques) and prevention of pollution

2. Integrated approach

3. Public access

4. Control



The integrated permits can be granted for a number of years but must be updated regularly based on an updated application from the enterprises.

The enterprises must report all changes to the authorities before these are implemented.

The authorities will decide whether a new permit or amendment to the existing permit is needed.

The directive demands that the authorities regularly visit the enterprises to ensure compliance with the terms in the permit.

1. BAT (best available techniques)
and prevention of pollution

The IPPC directive puts emphasis on the application of BAT - when designing and operating your production:

Best: most effective in achieving a high general level of protection of the environment as a whole.

Available: possible to implement under economically and technically viable conditions, taking into consideration the cost and advantages – cost/benefit.

Techniques includes both the technology used and the way in which the installation is designed, built, maintained, operated and decommissioned.

The national authorities will provide the authorities and the companies with information about BAT for the different sectors.

EU has formed the "European Integrated Pollution Prevention an Control Bureau" whichis situated in Seville.This bureau has already worked up a number of BAT notes (BREFs). At the Internet adress you can see how far the bureau has got till now.

Once the EU Commission publishes the BAT notes, these must be taken into account when determining BAT for an installation in the member states. Until EU BAT notes have been issued for the sectors covered by the directive, Polish authorities and the enterprises will need to use available references from other EU countries which have defined national BAT for the sectors. (please go to the page on this web site on BAT where documents can be down loaded)

The introduction of the BAT principle means that the best available techniques will have to be implemented in all enterprises in the future. If a company is not living up to the standards for its sector, an action plan to reach the goals will be negotiated with the authorities. The Pollution Prevention approach and the holistic approach will characterise the applications and the permitting procedure in the future.


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